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Who We Are

Nipro Corporation is the global headquarter for Nipro group, based in Osaka, Japan. Established in 1954, our parent company employs more than 29,000 team members and specializes in medical, pharmaceutical, and glass products. Nipro Asia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nipro Corporation that is responsible for managing sales, marketing, and business operations for Asia Pacific.

At Nipro, our slogan is “Live Longer. Live Better.”, and our purpose is for all to live longer and better lives, both patients and employees.

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Our Mission

We are a Japanese multinational corporation that works on the welfare and healthcare of our society, offering innovative products, with cutting edge technology and quality, through an integral human team, trained in values and with the utmost professionalism.

Our Vision

Nipro Medical, is recognized internationally as a leader in health care with high quality standards and innovation, focused on identifying and meeting the needs of our customers. As your strategic ally, we are committed in a responsible way to growth and improvement, while adapting proactively to the changing environment.


Our Culture & Values

Living up to our Company Credo – WILLINGNESS!

We believe in great involvement and advocate transparency, bonding colleagues by morals. Our success is defined within the framework of addressing the needs of patients / end-users in their efforts to achieve the best care and quality of life.

We Believe People want to

Being as diverse as we are, our people have a lot in common. We would like to call it “our Nipro DNA”. Our organization is held together by loyalty and tradition, fused with humility and ambition, as contradictory as this may sound.


Our organization promotes teamwork, participation, consensus.
Our organization is driven by commitment, communication, development.
Our organization will thrive when our people are : committed – agile – respectful – entrepreneurial and … willing!

Our Commitments

Together with our people, product, and processes, we show continuous commitment to improving patient outcomes and quality of life, offering safe and superior quality products while building long term, meaningful partnership